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    a record of the worship activities, experiences and engagements of Box Hill Baptist Church. These records have emerged from the monthly reflective/creative/interactive services which have been run since early 2008. They are posted here to inspire, inform, encourage...
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‘Winter Solstice’ review

INTRODUCTION: This service coincided (almost) with the winter solstice. As such it was a good opportunity to bring together some thoughts around the turning point of the year and the concept of ‘light in the darkness’. It was also the month following our ‘technical’ service on Labyrinths, so there was an opportunity to bring both … Continue reading

Upcoming Unboxed – Winter Solstice – 16 June.

This Sunday we take the learnings from the Labyrinth last month and apply them in a very timely Winter Solstice Labyrinth. Using some amazing and diverse new & old music, readings and reflections we’ll help create a contemplative space to consider our journeys towards the shortest day, and the hope of the light to come. 7pm @ … Continue reading


A number of years ago we were invited to run a labyrinth installation for a Catholic secondary school in regional Victoria. It was a great opportunity – A big, appropriate chapel-space and an opportunity to reach a couple of hundred teenagers and give them a chance to reflect and contemplate their spiritual journeys. We’d done … Continue reading

2013 Unboxed reboot

This Sunday (17/3) is the first ‘proper’ service for Unboxed Worship for 2013. (January usually doesn’t happen due to holidays and February was a planning day for Unboxed). This year we’re taking a slightly different approach. We have appreciated that many people are scared or apprehensive about ‘reflective’ or ‘ontemplative’ worship services because they simply … Continue reading

Upcoming Unboxed Worship – “I am” – 16 September

This year our church’s Gallery is inviting artists to explore their understanding of God by offering a Religious Art Prize, along the theme “I am”.    These words recall the words to Moses from the Burning bush, “I am that I am”, and call us to ponder notions of identity and integrity.  They are echoed in … Continue reading

No June Unboxed Worship

We apologise, but there will not be an Unboxed Worship this coming Sunday (17/6), but we will be back with some fresh inspiration on the 15th of July.  

Upcoming Unboxed Worship – “All things being equal…” (20 May)

A reflective service focused on equality and discrimination, in society, the church, & ourselves. We’ve heard a lot in the media in the past few weeks about equality – in marriage, in wages, in terms of race, education or class. Let’s take some time to pray and consider our perspective as God’s (equal) children. 7pm. … Continue reading

Jesus’ Bucket List – Report (18 March)

Motivation: With lent upon us we are at a time in the church calendar where we begin to reflect upon the death of Christ – One could imagine that potentially Jesus had moments where he may have asked “What do I want to achieve before I kick the bucket?” – It’s an interesting question to … Continue reading

Us and Them – Report (19 February)

Motivation: This service was sparked by something one of our Ministers said during a sermon, with a brief reference to ‘us and them’ mentality. That was enough to consider worthwhile to pursue and the service developed over the next two weeks. Conveniently, this service lined up with the morning service which that week was discussing … Continue reading

Unboxed Worship – Special Christmas events

This December Unboxed Worship is creating and sharing a Christmas labyrinth with the community. This is a short, interactive experience to reflect on the Christmas journey and consider our response. You are welcome to join us for 2 parts: 1. The reflective service on the 11th of December, in which we will be taking part … Continue reading